Year Tournament Site Champion Second Place Third Place
2017 Laramie Gillette Laramie Cody
2016 Lovell Laramie Cody Riverton
2015 Gillette Gillette Laramie Cody
2014 Cody Cody Lander Gillette
2013 Laramie Cody Riverton Gillette
2012 Green River Cody Laramie Gillette
2011 Gillette Laramie Cody Riverton
2010 Riverton Laramie Cody Riverton
2009 Wheatland Laramie Platte County Torrington
2008 Torrington Laramie Green River Platte County
2007 Rock Springs Laramie Platte County Torrington
2006 Gillette Laramie Gillette Riverton
2005 Laramie Gillette Laramie Torrington
2004 Wheatland Gillette Torrington Riverton
2003 Torrington Laramie Torrington Gillette American
2002 Rawlins Laramie Gillette American Platte County
2001 Gillette Laramie North Gillette Gillette Southside
2000 Green River Laramie Rock Springs Green River
1999 Kemmerer Green River Laramie Rock Springs
1998 Newcastle Laramie North Gillette Riverton
1997 Rock Springs Laramie Rock Springs Riverton
1996 Gillette Rock Springs Laramie Torrington
1995 Laramie Laramie Green River Gillette Southside
1994 Riverton Torrington Rock Springs Gillette Southside
1993 Lander Rock Springs Laramie Riverton
1992 Evanston Torrington Rock Springs Laramie
1991 Torrington Torrington Gillette Southside Rock Springs
1990 Rawlins Laramie Rock Springs Riverton
1989 Green River Gillette Torrington Evanston
1988 Kemmerer Rock Springs Torrington Evanston
1987 Thermopolis Green River Rock Springs Bridger Valley
1986 Newcastle Riverton Torrington Cody
1985 Rock Springs Riverton Rock Springs Rawlins
1984 Gillette Riverton Cody Laramie
1983 Cody Laramie Newcastle Cody
1982 Laramie Cody Lander Laramie
1981 Riverton Riverton Torrington Lander
Prior to 1981 the tournaments were single elimination.
In 1978, 1979 & 1980 four area tournaments were held with a state playoff.
1980 Powell Riverton Laramie Jackson
1979 Laramie Laramie Riverton Newcastle
1978 Cody Laramie Torrington Cody
From 1971 to 1977 two area tournaments were held.
1977 Buffalo Rock Springs Torrington Laramie/Lander
1976 Powell Rock Springs Laramie Jackson/Torrington
1975 Torrington Cody Laramie Torrington/Rock Springs
1974 Jackson Riverton Torrington Jackson/Laramie
1973 Newcastle Laramie Torrington Greybull/Rawlins
1972 Riverton Riverton Torrington Cody/Laramie
1971 Greybull Cody Torrington Laramie/Powell
1970 Cody Cody Laramie Torrington
1969 Laramie Riverton Laramie Powell
1968 Powell Torrington Powell Laramie
1967 Riverton Riverton Torrington Rawlins
1966 Greybull Laramie Greybull Cody
1965 Rawlins Powell Laramie Greybull
1964 Laramie Greybull Rawlins Cody
1963 Cody Cody Laramie Riverton
1962 Powell Powell Rawlins Cody
1961 Riverton Riverton Montpelier, Idaho Laramie
1960 Laramie Laramie Riverton Cody
1959 Cody Laramie Riverton Cody
1958 Cody Laramie Riverton
1957 Riverton Riverton Cody Glenrock
1956 Riverton Billings, Montana Midwest Riverton