Wyoming is known as The Cowboy State!

Our Wyoming District 1 motto states:

“District 1 ‘Cowboys Up’ for ALL Little Leaguers”

Only real Wyomingites truly know what the term means.

The Cowboy wears a number of items of specialized clothing.

  1. Cowboy boots to protect his feet and keep them in the stirrups.
  2. Spurs on his boots to encourage his horse to run after a cow.
  3. Chaps to protect his legs from the brush as he rides.
  4. A brilliantly-colored, long-sleeved shirt with pearl snaps which shows the pride he takes in being a Cowboy.
  5. A belt to hold up his Levi pants and display the big silver buckle he won at the last rodeo where he showed the special skills of the working Wyoming Cowboy.
  6. A bright colored bandanna around his neck.

But the most useful item of his attire is the Cowboy Hat:

  1. When the sun shines, it keeps him in the shade.
  2. When it rains, it prevents the rain from running down his back inside of his shirt.
  3. When it snows, it keeps the snow off of his ears so that they won’t freeze.
  4. When it’s time for a nap, he puts it over his face as he lays back to prevent the sun from keeping him awake.
  5. When he climbs aboard a bucking bronc, he uses it to “FAN” that cayuse so he gets a high score during the “8” second ride.
  6. He can even use it to feed his horse some oats or give him a drink of water.
  7. When he meets a Lady, he tips his hat as a sign of respect.
  8. And last and most important, its color tells everyone about his character.
    • A black hat says that this cowboy is a low-down bad hombre!
    • A gray hat indicates he is a regular, hard-working cow puncher, and an honest-to-goodness good guy from ol’ Wyomin’.
    • But a white hat says he is a straight shooter, whose word is his bond, and that his handshake is as good as a “signed and sealed contract.”


July 2006:  Jim & Darsi Tossetti

Jim and Darsi have been the Team 14 host for the Wyoming teams at the Little League West Regional Tournament for over 20 years.

July 2017:  Sam McCloud

Sam has umpired Little League baseball for the Kemmerer Little League, Wyoming District 1, and Wyoming State Tournaments for 39 years.

October 2017:  Calvin Sanders

Calvin served as the Powell Little League UIC and the Wyoming District 1 UIC for many years during which he led the effort to recruit and train an elite umpire cadre for the leagues of District 1.