Tournament Results Archives

Tournament archive files are available for download in Microsoft Excel format.

Each year is stored on a separate worksheet, accessible via the tabs at the bottom of the Excel window. Use the arrow buttons near the tabs to scroll left or right to see all available years. The white tabs have a few missing scores whereas the green tabs have all of the games and scores.

If you know any of the missing scores and have supporting information, please let us know so the history can be made more complete. Please contact Bill Sedlacek with any information (see District Staff page).

NOTE: These are the original Newspaper Archives Research of William A. Sedlacek. Individual games and scores may be used without recognition of the original research, but any use of an entire year or of the files in whole may occur only with written permission and with recognition of the Author’s original research.

Wyoming Little League 9-10 Baseball Tournaments

Wyoming Little League 11-12 Baseball Tournaments

Wyoming Little League 13-14 Baseball Tournaments

Wyoming Little League Softball Tournaments